Bump Covered Bridge


Campton, New Hampshire

DuBois & King, as part of a design-build team, provided services to assess existing conditions, prepare permit applications, and design emergency repairs to the Bump Covered Bridge. The bridge was closed due to significant deterioration of the substructure (piers and abutments). The design and construction efforts enabled the bridge to be reopened within five months, after the bridge was closed to traffic. Design and construction of repairs included:

Repair/reconstruct stone masonry abutments
Reconstruct roadway approaches
Shore bridge, remove and replace existing timber pier bents
Construct concrete footings for timber bents
Install riprap around timber bents to prevent scour
Replace rotted timber planks on approach spans
Replace rotted stringers on south approach span
Replace deteriorated and leaking metal roof
Install fire protection (NOCHAR)

Principles of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the Burlington Charter were applied to all phases of the work.

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  • Bump Covered Bridge Bump Covered Bridge
  • Bump Covered Bridge Bump Covered Bridge
  • Bump Covered Bridge Bump Covered Bridge

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