DuBois & King provides engineering services associated with site development and collocation of cellular communication facilities and the distribution and installation of fiber optic cables. D&K has provided services for site feasibility, access, design, and permitting of well over 200 wireless communications sites. Services include site assessment, environmental review, visual analysis, photo simulations, permit and easement plans, site engineering, construction documents, and construction observation. For installation of fiber optic communication lines along transportation corridors, D&K engineers provide design for trenching, directional boring, bridge crossings, and traffic control plans, and coordinate with utilities.


Site Acquisition Support
Site Assessments
Site Plan Development
Zoning and Permit Review
Environmental Review
Topographic Survey
Control Traverse
Photo Simulations
Act 250 and Section 248a
Structural Review/Design for Collocation and Custom Equipment Shelters
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
GPS and Mapping
Construction Documents
Construction Stakeout