Conventional Bridges


DuBois & King offers a full range of bridge related services. Bridge engineers prepare condition assessments, calculate load ratings, and make recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement. Bridge inspections are conducted in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration’s National Bridge Inspection Program and Bridge Inspectors Training Manual. Firm professionals are thoroughly familiar with the latest AASHTO, state design codes and specifications, and principals of Accelerated Bridge Construction. D&K engineers design single-span and multi-span bridges. Designs include concrete, steel, and timber bridges; spread footings bearing on soil and directly on ledge; pile foundations; and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) abutments and retaining walls. The firm’s expertise includes the assessment and repair of historic structures, including timber covered, steel truss, and suspension bridges.


Bridge Type Studies
Load Ratings
Design for Rehabilitation and Replacement
Reinforcing Steel Schedules
Bridge and Approach Railings
Timber and Concrete Decks
Subsurface Investigations
Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analyses
Stream Bank Protection
Roadway Approach Design
Cost Estimates
Bid and Construction Phase Services