On an ongoing basis, since 1962, D&K professionals have planned, designed, and supervised the construction of wastewater treatment and collection systems. Our continual involvement in infrastructure planning, analysis, and design of new facilities, upgrades, and rehabilitation has resulted in substantial experience and expertise in collection, pumping, distribution, and treatment systems. Assignments include design of wastewater pumping facilities including built-in-place structures, pre-manufactured pumping stations, above- or below-ground structures, and grinder pump and small diameter force main systems. To expedite approval by reviewing agencies and affected utilities, D&K engineers provide proactive coordination with regulatory agencies and utilities to obtain permits and approvals.


Treatment Facility Design
Collection and Pumping
Soil and Hydrogeologic Considerations
Wastewater Treatment Processes
Aerated Lagoons
Oxidation Ditches
Extended Aeration
Activated Sludge
Rotating Biological Contactors
Sequencing Batch Reactors
Nitrogen/Phosphorus Removal
Land Application and Disposal
Sludge Stabilization and Dewatering
Construction Phase Services