Electrical Engineering


D&K electrical engineers work closely with owners, architects, and other professionals to develop assessments, recommendations, and energy efficient designs for new construction, expansion, and renovation projects. With a focus on thorough assessment of electrical and communication system needs, decades of practical electrical engineering design expertise, and an emphasis on reduction of energy usage, D&K engineers develop electrical infrastructure that contributes to successful governmental, institutional, and commercial building projects.


Condition Evaluations
Code and Facility Audits
Modeling and Analysis
Power Distribution
Interior and Exterior Lighting
Lighting Controls
Evaluation of Power Supplies
Grounding and Lightning Protection
Cogeneration Studies
Load and Short Circuit Analyses
Emergency Power Systems
On-Site Generation
Telephone/Intercommunications Systems
Closed Circuit Television
Security and Access Control
Paging and Clock Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Arc Flash Analysis and Arc Flash Warning Labels
Cost Estimates
Bid and Construction Phase Services