Electric Utilities


DuBois & King’s multidiscipline staff provides an integrated team to support a range of projects for electric utilities. Electrical, civil, environmental, and structural engineers provide modeling and analysis, engineering studies, reports, design, field investigations, site plans, permitting, cost estimates, construction documents, construction administration, and construction monitoring.
D&K’s electrical engineering staff consists of experienced project managers and engineers with in-depth knowledge of electrical high voltage distribution systems, electrical system planning, electrical power system design, protective relaying, instrumentation and control systems, and grounding system design. Firm engineers perform detailed design and review, evaluate existing power systems, and develop technical specifications for new design.


Civil/Site Engineering
Structural Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Substation Site Planning
Substation Foundations and Structures
Subsurface Investigations
Code Analyses
Environmental Studies and Remediation
Protective Relaying
Grounding and Lightning Protection
Medium Voltage Substation Design
Load and Short Circuit Analysis
Underground Utility Distribution
Feasibility Evaluations/Options Analyses
System Inventory and Inspection
Emergency Power Systems
Security and Communications