D&K bridge and hydraulic engineers have considerable expertise in designing durable culverts that are properly sized and that are placed to facilitate safe vehicle travel, enable aquatic organism passage, and promote wildlife and stream health. Scour and erosion protection are prime considerations when designing culverts as erosion can degrade water quality and be detrimental to aquatic organisms. D&K river experts hydrologists, and hydraulic engineers contribute to the design of culverts by considering the integrity of the up and downstream channel, other river structures, the resiliency of the channel to withstand storm events, and the ability for the culvert to pass storm-event water volume, debris, and sediment.


Subsurface Investigations
Load Ratings
Design of Rehabilitations and Replacements
Design of Abutments, Retaining Walls, and Footings
Culvert and Approach Railings
Roadway Approach Design
Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analyses
Aquatic Organism Passage
Streambank Stabilization/Protection
Cost Estimates
Construction Documents
Bid and Construction Phase Services