Alternate US Route 7 Resurfacing Project STP 2722(1)


Burlington, Vermont

Design and final plans for resurfacing of 1.8-miles of Alternate US Route 7 (Winooski Avenue) in the City of Burlington. This project, which was developed for VTrans, included cold planning, resurfacing with a leveling course and wearing course, pavement markings, signs, pedestrian ramps, truncated domes, rehabilitation of drainage structures, and signalization improvements including video vehicle detection.

Project incorporated bicycle lanes throughout much of its length. Bike lanes were located adjacent to the curb or between the vehicular travel lanes and the parking lane. Pavement markings and signing along the bike lanes were updated to be in compliance with the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Project included crosswalks, both painted and imprinted, at many of the side road intersections, and the addition of handicap access sidewalk ramps.

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