Barre City Shared Use Path, Granite Museum Segment


Barre City, Vermont

DuBois & King conducted an alignment study and prepared conceptual level engineering plans for the first phase of the 1.6-mile-long shared use Granite Museum Segment, resulting in a preferred path alignment, preparation of conceptual level engineering plans, and execution of the required NEPA Categorical Exclusion document. The alignment established the basis for the subsequent design.

DuBois & King continued as the City’s consultant for design, permitting, and construction phase services. The path is designed to provide a source of outdoor recreation and an alternative commuter route, and to connect neighborhoods and businesses. The path is a 10-ft wide paved facility and includes two pedestrian bridges over the Stevens Branch of the Winooski River, as well as several retaining walls to support the path and adjacent side slopes. Interpretive stations are planned to highlight Barre’s rich history in the granite industry and to add interest for path users. The path is being designed to thread its way through a built-up urban area and will be located between the VT Route 62 corridor and adjacent neighborhoods and commercial businesses.

DuBois & King services include topographic field survey; identification and assessment of alignment options and environmental resources; preparation of conceptual, preliminary, and final plans and Categorical Exclusion documentation; permitting; right-of-way documentation and acquisition plans; preparation of contract documents; coordination with utilities, VTrans, and the Vermont Railway; landscape design; and design services during construction.

DuBois & King has actively participated in meetings with property owners, the City Council, the public, and the Barre City Bike Path Committee, and has provided support of the Bike Path Committee’s public outreach efforts, including preparation of quarterly newsletters and displays for local events such as the Barre Heritage Festival and first ever Barre Bike and Fitness Festival.

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