Blair Covered Bridge


Campton, New Hampshire

Fast track structural inspection, evaluation, and rehabilitative design for historic covered bridge damaged by debris during Tropical Storm Irene. The 293-ft, two-span covered bridge suffered significant, localized damage to truss, roof framing, and floor framing members. The bridge was immediately closed until repairs could be made.

The Town of Campton and their insurance carrier requested DuBois & King to evaluate the damage and to design rehabilitative measures to repair the bridge. 3G Construction, a specialized covered bridge contractor, teamed with DuBois & King to perform the repairs. Repairs included replacing several upper lateral bracing timbers, replacing truss diagonals and vertical tension rods, and repairs/splicing of truss verticals and floor beams. Repairs were also made to the damaged metal roof and roof rafters.

The Blair Covered Bridge is a vital link between residents and businesses in the east and west sections of the Town and is a destination for tourists. Closure of the bridge forced residents to use a 9 mile detour, thus making repairing the bridge a high priority for the Town. The Blair Covered Bridge is listed on the Historic National Register and New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places. 3G Construction and DuBois & King, as a design-build team, previously designed and repaired the Town’s Bump Covered Bridge.

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