Burlington International Airport Wetland Mitigation Services


South Burlington, Vermont

Burlington International Airport (BTV) needed to expand its general aviation and cargo carrier area at the southern end of the airport. To compensate for unavoidable wetlands impacts, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the State Wetlands office, selected a 49 +/- acre mitigation site along Muddy Brook. DuBois & King designed the mitigation site to restore 4.9 acres of degraded upland habitat, 12.5 acres of degraded wetland habitat, and to create 2.9 acres of marsh from existing upland within the context of the 49 acre parcel, which includes 21 acres of high quality forested wetland, shrub wetland, upland forest, and 1,200 lf of the Muddy Brook corridor. D&K provided topographic survey for the entire site and construction stakeout for new ponds and planting areas.

An archaeologically sensitive area, existing constructed site infrastructure, and issues associated with agricultural values of the soils made the site complex. Permits and compliance were required from the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Fish and Wildlife, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, the City of South Burlington, the Town of Williston, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the District Environmental Commission for the Act 250 Amendment. Both the design and construction were completed under budget.

  • BTV Wetland Mitigation
  • BTV Wetland Mitigation BTV Wetland Mitigation
  • BTV Wetland Mitigation BTV Wetland Mitigation

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