Burlington International Airport


Burlington, Vermont

The Burlington International Airport needed to expand its general aviation and cargo carrier area at the southern end of the airport, which would impact existing wetlands. DuBois & King was selected by the Airport to provide environmental services to locate and design a compensatory wetland site.

A 49-acre site along Muddy Brook in the City of South Burlington was selected by D&K in consultation with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the State Wetlands office for use as a compensatory wetland mitigation area. The site restored 4.9 acres of degraded upland habitat and 12.5 acres of degraded wetland habitat, and created 2.9 acres of marsh from existing upland. The mitigation site includes 21 acres of high quality forested wetland, shrub wetland, upland forest, and 1,200 lf of the Muddy Brook Corridor.

The site design was reviewed/approved by the FAA, US Army Corps of Engineers, and State Wetlands office. DuBois & King provided resident services during the construction phase of the project and provided monitoring/reporting over the five-year establishment period. Services include:

Site assessment
Wetland mitigation services
Construction phase services
Post-construction monitoring

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