Combination Pond Alternatives


Rutland, Vermont

D&K led a consultant team to perform an alternatives analysis for Combination Pond, located on Moon Brook. Combination Pond is an on-stream pond that affects sediment transport, impedes aquatic organism passage, and significantly elevates the temperature of Moon Brook. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has identified private stormwater runoff as a cause of stream impairment.

The D&K team analyzed alternatives to decrease summer water temperatures, improve suitability for trout, allow natural migration of aquatic organisms, restore natural sediment transport, and improve dam safety. Alternatives included full and partial dam removal, retrofit to provide bottom water release, piping of the stream around or under the pond, and construction of a bypass channel. Services include:

Legal research identifying property boundaries and rights
Survey of dam, pond, and channels upstream and down
Creation of a basemap
Hydrologic, hydraulic, and geomorphic analysis
Identification and evaluation of alternatives
Development of conceptual plans
Preparation of cost estimates
Preparation of a feasibility report
Public meetings

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