General Services Administration Land Port of Entry Facility


Madawaska, Maine

DuBois & King is the civil/roadway/bridge engineer part of an overall A/E team for a new $35 million Land Port of Entry (LPOE) facility in Madawaska. The project will replace the undersized and functionally obsolete LPOE with a new facility that meets the needs of the US Customs and Border Protection, complies with the design requirements of the GSA, and provides efficient and safe inspection and processing of vehicles and people at the border crossing. The size and conditions of the existing building and overall site are substandard, preventing the agencies assigned to the port from adequately fulfilling their respective functions. The deficiencies with the existing facilities have led to extensive traffic delays and fall into three broad categories: building deficiencies, overall site deficiencies, and insufficient security.

The components of the new LPOE will include a new main port building with inspection booths and canopies, secondary inspection facilities, a commercial warehouse, a non-intrusive inspection building, enclosed parking, and associated plaza and roadway construction. The new LPOE will be relocated and the design connects the new port to the International Bridge, by means of an elevated roadway. Services included site inspections, traffic engineering, geotechnical, site/civil (drainage, roadway, exterior lighting, pavement design, etc.), and bridge/structural engineering associated with the new elevated access road (bridge).


Professional services included survey of seven parcels of land and bathymetric river cross sections for design of the new facility and reconfiguration of the elevated roadway. Specific survey services included site inspections, ALTA survey, and right-of-way/property acquisition documents for each parcel. All on-site work was coordinated with the Border Facility personnel to maintain and follow border security requirements.


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