Great Hosmer Dam Rehabilitation


Craftsbury, Vermont

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation selected DuBois & King to investigate and evaluate alternatives and prepare design plans and specifications for repairs to the Great Hosmer Dam. The structure is a 6-ft-high, 23-ft-long masonry dam with a concrete cap, a central stoplog spillway, and a stone discharge channel downstream. The dam impounds the top 6 ft of Great Hosmer Lake, which has a surface area of 155 acres. Built in 1875, the Great Hosmer Dam was in poor condition, with concrete sections deteriorating, an inoperable stoplog/slide gate, scour at the left abutment, sinkholes, and a collapsing stone outlet channel. The dam is on a landlocked parcel of State land, so access to the site must be carefully coordinated with neighboring land owners. Services included:

Review of soil borings
Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses
Structural analysis
Rehabilitation alternatives
Final design, construction documents, and technical specifications
Construction costs estimates

  • Great Hosmer Dam
  • Great Hosmer Dam Great Hosmer Dam
  • Great Hosmer Dam Great Hosmer Dam
  • Great Hosmer Dam Great Hosmer Dam

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