Intersection Improvement Projects


Bow, New Hampshire

DuBois & King transportation and traffic engineers developed scoping studies and final design documents for two Municipally Managed State Aid Highway Projects. Both projects involve developing design alternatives for problematic intersections experiencing increasing congestion from growth. Alternatives considered for the intersections included the addition of turning lanes, a traffic signal, and/or a roundabout.

The intersection of NH Route 3A and Dunklee Road serves an expanding industrial and commercial area. The intersection is congested, especially during peak hours, but is currently unsignalized. To improve levels of service and safety at this intersection, the design included adding a new traffic signal and turning lanes.

At the Bow Town Center intersection (Bow Center Road/Logging Hill Road and Knox Road/White Rocks Hill Road) a community recreational and civic facility is being planned. The Bow schools are also nearby. The intersection will have to safely accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in addition to motor vehicles. The selected alternative for this intersection is the design of a roundabout to improve traffic operations, calm traffic, and improve safety for all modes of transportation.

DuBois & King is providing full engineering services, including survey, alternatives analyses, preliminary and final design, permitting, traffic design, right-of-way documentation, and preparation of bid documents.

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