Norwich University Electrical Upgrades


Northfield, Vermont

DuBois & King provided electrical design services for upgrades to the 12.47kV primary service from Northfield Electric to an existing step-down transformer. The project serves the existing Plumley Armory and the Roberts, Webb, and Jackman buildings. The heating plant electrical loop included Doyle and Chaplin Hall, the heating plant, Sabine Field, and the Student Center.

Several alternatives were explored to achieve optimal future expansion, ease of maintenance, and improved aesthetics. Both conventional pad-mounted gear and underground vault mounted equipment options were evaluated and presented in detail. A vault mounted switchgear was selected due to the increased level of safety for operating personnel, improved aesthetics due to below grade installation, and ease of future expansion. The project allowed for removal of overhead distribution lines resulting in aesthetic improvements to the campus. Professional services included:

  • Site analysis of existing service points
    (buildings and overhead tie-in points)
  • Development of electrical technical criteria and design
  • Shop drawing review
  • Bidding assistance
  • Construction phase services
  • Norwich Electrical
  • Electrical Upgrades Electrical Upgrades
  • Electrical Upgrades Electrical Upgrades

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