Pine Lane Farm, NRCS NH


Contoocook, New Hampshire

D&K engineers, through an assignment for on-call Soil Conservation services with NRCS, designed a retention structure and disposal field for 2,000-gallons-per-day of milking center wastewater. The retention structure consists of a multi-chamber reinforced concrete tank with a Clearspan fabric structure cover and was designed to be accessible by standard farming equipment for removal of accumulated sediment, fat cake, and sludge. D&K engineers designed disposal of wastewater utilizing a Presby Advance Environmental System (AES) subsurface disposal field, including 2,500 ft of AES piping. The wastewater disposal system includes gravity and forced mains for transferring wastewater. The existing manhole pump station was reused to serve as a new retention structure and the existing sediment basin and disposal lagoon were retained as an emergency back-up system.

  • Waste Storage and Disposal
  • Waste Storage and Disposal Waste Storage and Disposal

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