Sugar River I EAP


Newport, New Hampshire

The Sugar River No. 1 Hydro Dam consists of a 175-ft long and 16-ft high Ambursen-type slab and buttress concrete dam with 2-ft flashboards and is operated as a run-of-the-river facility. Following a request from FERC, the Sugar River Hydroelectric Power Company engaged D&K to complete an Emergency Action Plan for this facility. Staff visited the site to evaluate existing conditions and operational requirements of the dam; reviewed existing inundation mapping and breach analysis; completed an Emergency Action Plan and coordinated with the Owner and FERC; and conducted a phone call-level verification test of the Notification Flowchart. Based on this test and owner comments, D&K completed and submitted a final EAP.

  • Sugar River I EAP
  • Sugar River I EAP Sugar River I EAP
  • Sugar River I EAP Sugar River I EAP

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