Union Village Dam Removal


Wakefield, New Hampshire

DuBois & King provided planning, design, and construction observation services for dam removal and restoration of a section of the Branch River. The Union Village Dam was a 15-ft-high, 103-ft-long high hazard dam that impounded approximately two acres. NHDES identified the 1861 concrete and masonry dam as deficient in a number of areas, and removal of the dam was the preferred option by the owners. Removal eliminated a hazardous dam that posed a public safety risk and a hydraulic and aquatic organism passage (AOP) barrier from the Branch River. Restoring the river to a more natural state is anticipated to establish an expanded habitat for certain aquatic species. Professional services included:

Site inspection and evaluation
Wetland delineation
Site survey
Plans and specifications
Construction cost estimates
Public outreach program
Utility coordination
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Coordination with NHDES, NH F&G, and local entities
Construction observation
Grant funding assistance

  • Union Village Dam
  • Union Village Dam Removal Union Village Dam Removal
  • Union Village Dam Removal Union Village Dam Removal

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