Village Covered Bridge


Waitsfield, Vermont

The Village Covered Bridge, also known as the Big Eddy or Great Eddy Bridge, is a 105-ft-long, single span structure constructed in 1833. A cantilevered timber sidewalk was added on the downstream side in 1940. This bridge is Vermont’s second oldest covered bridge. The one-lane bridge spans the Mad River in downtown Waitsfield and utilizes a Queen Post and Burr Arch configuration, with trusses spaced 16-ft apart. The Village Covered Bridge is listed on the Historic National Register and the Vermont State Register of Historic Places.

Emergency Repairs – DuBois & King provided fast-track structural inspection, evaluation, and rehabilitative design for the bridge, which was damaged during Tropical Storm Irene. Damaged components include: timber siding, timber truss, timber diagonal member, north abutment backwall, north and south sidewalk approaches, and north roadway approach. The Village Covered Bridge is a vital transportation link for residents of the Town of Waitsfield. Closure of the bridge forced residents to use a 4.5 mile detour, thus making repairing the bridge a high priority for the Town.

Subsequent to the emergency repairs, DuBois & King was selected by the Town of Waitsfield to evaluate the current condition of the bridge, make recommendations for repairs, design repairs, and provide construction administration services.

The structure was showing signs of distress with noticeable sag at the outside edge of the cantilever sidewalk and negative camber in both trusses at the north end near the abutment. Noticeable spalling and deterioration of the north and south concrete abutments and wing walls was also evident.

DuBois & King completed extensive field observations and prepared a condition assessment report with recommendations and cost estimate for repairs. Recommended repairs included jacking and rehabilitating the main trusses; rebuilding and supporting the cantilever sidewalk as an independent structure; concrete repairs and patching on the abutments; and repairs and replacements to deteriorated or worn roof rafters, floor beams, and decking. Professional services include:

Alternatives analysis
Public meetings
Historic review
Recommendation for short and long term repairs
Final design of recommended improvements
Bid phase services
Construction phase services

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