Nov 232020
Jonathan Ashley, smiling man, engineer

D&K is pleased to announce that following Chuck Goodling’s appointment to President of D&K, Jonathan Ashley, PE, was chosen to lead the firm’s Public Works Division. Jon has steadily grown his responsibilities and is now responsible for Public Works operations in five offices in four states. Prior to joining D&K, Jon was a Vice President at Phelps Engineering in Middlebury, where he managed a wide variety of civil and environmental projects. Jon brings high-level experience with hazardous waste sites, including brownfield investigations, remediation, disposal, and site stabilization. Bringing decades of hands-on experience in the area of water, sewer, and stormwater engineering, Jon regularly oversees the firm’s services for onsite, small- and large-scale wastewater treatment; water sourcing and supply; and site/stormwater projects. He has also helped to grow the firm’s slope protection practice.

Jon provides ongoing mentoring, helps resolve issues, and keeps people gainfully busy and productive. Jon was also elected to the D&K Board of Directors in 2019 and continues to serve in this key leadership position. D&K is very fortunate to have Jon on the D&K team and serving in this senior leadership position.