Advanced Wastewater Treatment Upgrade


Barre, Vermont

Comprehensive upgrade of 35-year-old treatment facility to advanced wastewater treatment to meet newly instituted UOD, ammonia nitrogen, and total phosphorous effluent limitations. Replaced 10-MGD influent screw pumps in order to modify hydraulic profile to accommodate additional treatment processes. Added two oxidation ditches with 100 HP two speed, fixed mechanical aerators to provide advanced wastewater treatment/nutrient removal. Refurbished the two existing and added a third secondary clarifier, all with fiberglass covers. Replaced chlorine gas disinfection with liquid chlorine/dechlorination system. Enhanced sludge processing by adding a new gravity belt thickener and belt filter press. Improved related support systems including chemical feed and pumps. Complete refurbishment/upgrade of the existing anaerobic digesters to high rate/complete mixed system including new fixed covers/mixers on two existing primary digesters. Added secondary digester with floating cover/gas storage and methane gas recovery system. Added duel-fired boiler for heating efficiency.

  • Barre WWTF
  • Barre WWTF Barre WWTF

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