Fourth Street Reconstruction


Dover, New Hampshire

DuBois & King provided survey, design, and construction services for the $2.1 million street, bridge/culvert, and utility reconstruction of the Fourth and Washington Street areas. Design addressed service and capacity issues to improve the water, stormwater system, and sanitary sewer system. Sewer system was replaced due to age, material (clay), and capacity limitations; and water main was replaced with 12 inch and 16 inch water mains to complete water system looping and capacity improvements. Completed stormwater analysis for project area for return-frequency storms up to 10 years and design of stormwater drainage system to accommodate 10-year storm frequency for the newly reconstructed streets. A complete reconstruction of the roadway surface was provided, including concrete sidewalks with vertical and sloped granite curbing and handicapped ramps. Challenges for sidewalk portion included relocation of power poles, hydrants, water shut-offs, mailboxes, etc., and matching existing residential walkways. Project included:

6,000 ft of water main replacement
3,000 ft of new sewer
3,700 ft of new storm drains
5,400 ft of vertical and sloped granite curbing
4,000 ft of street reconstruction with concrete sidewalk
1,700 ft of pavement overlay
Two culvert spans
Guardrail and pavement markings
Bid assistance and construction phase services

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  • Fourth Street Fourth Street

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