Frog Hollow Bridge Replacement


Hubbardton, Vermont

Evaluation, design, and construction phase services for the replacement of an undersized culvert that had inadequate hydraulic capacity. The new culvert was designed to promote aquatic organism passage and sediment transport. Following a geomorphic assessment to determine natural channel dimensions, D&K identified and evaluated several alternatives. The selected option was a precast concrete, four-sided box culvert with fish baffles. Project involved altered alignment for the new culvert, new guardrail locations, and highway and grading adjustments. Services included:

Coordination and meeting with State regulators
Conducting a stream geomorphic assessment
Completing a topographic site survey
Computing peak stream flows and simulating flows with HEC-RAS
Designing a replacement culvert with fish baffles
Preparing plans and specifications
Providing bid phase and construction inspection services

  • Frog Hollow Bridge
  • Frog Hollow Bridge Frog Hollow Bridge
  • Frog Hollow Bridge Frog Hollow Bridge

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