Huse Road Manufactured Housing Cooperative, Inc., Water and Sewer Rehabilitation


Manchester, New Hampshire

Selected to design a water and sewer rehabilitation project for the 36-unit Huse Road Manufactured Housing Park. A goal of the rehabilitation project was to have individual sewer and water connections to all units instead of common sewer services, which existed for many of the units.

DuBois & King engineers conducted topographic survey of the project site, coordinated with the City of Manchester to obtain an acceptable point of connection to the municipal Cohas interceptor sewer and conceptual permanent sewer line easements on the PSNH transmission line right-of-way, and prepared a conceptual plan layout of proposed water and sewer distribution systems and service line locations to confirm project feasibility.

Project consisted of approximately 1,800 lf of 8-inch HDPE gravity sewer and 1,250 lf of new 2-inch water line, plus all new water/sewer service lines. Prepared final construction plans for use in bidding and construction; “bid-ready” project notebook including construction specifications, boring logs, and appropriate bid forms and construction contract forms; and a construction phase funding application to the City of Manchester Community Improvement Program. Project design was completed within a tight schedule and required NHDES and City of Manchester water and wastewater system approvals.

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