VT Route 100 Bridge #165 Replacement


Warren, Vermont

Bridge #165 was heavily damaged during Tropical Storm Irene and lost one of the two concrete deck slabs. VTrans temporarily created a fill-over structure by installing two large culverts; this significantly reduced the hydraulic capacity of the structure. DuBois & King was contracted by VTrans to evaluate the condition and safety of the bridge. D&K recommended that the bridge be replaced prior to spring run-off. VTrans concurred with the recommendation.

D&K engineers conducted a hydraulic study and retrieved geotechnical soil borings, which were used for the alternatives analysis. D&K compared cost and constructability of alternatives, as well as availability of bridge components. Consideration was given to availability of precast components to fit the construction phasing. The scope of services included complete topographic survey, design of a new 3-sided precast concrete rigid frame structure, and plans and cost estimates for the removal of the existing structure and the construction of a new permanent structure. The bridge was designed to allow phased construction, allowing one lane of traffic to be maintained at all times. D&K staff designed the detour layout and provided construction oversight.

  • Bridge #165
  • Bridge #165 Replacement Bridge #165 Replacement
  • Bridge #165 Replacement Bridge #165 Replacement
  • Bridge #165 Replacement Bridge #165 Replacement

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