White River Junction VA Medical Center Electrical Upgrades


White River Junction, Vermont

Design and construction phase services for $2.9 million of upgrades to electrical systems at the White River Junction VA Medical Center. The facility is a 450,000-sf, 64-acre, multi-building campus that includes offices, in-and out-patient hospital care areas, cafeterias, and support functions.

More than 300 electrical system deficiencies were addressed to achieve campus-wide improvements in reliability, serviceability, safety, energy efficiency, and emergency power. Complex, detailed construction phasing was developed to assure all active areas of the hospital would function without interruption during construction. Where deficiencies were addressed, lighting costs were cut in half while providing additional and improved lighting and control.

The electrical distribution included upgrades to the 5kV and 15kV medium voltage and low voltage distribution systems. New switchgear was provided along with reconfiguration to allow for servicing without interruption of power to the 15kV medium voltage system. Inside the facility, the existing low voltage distribution systems were upgraded to replace obsolete equipment.

The interior lighting system upgrade work included most of the facility buildings, requiring identification of the existing inefficient light fixtures, performing lighting calculations (photometric plans), and design for new high performance fixtures. Campus wide photometric site plans were developed to replace metal halide exterior site lighting with energy efficient LED lights. Lighting calculations were completed to provide for appropriate lighting levels for security and pedestrian access to the buildings. More than 90 exterior fixtures were replaced. The new LED lights require one-half of the wattage of the replaced metal halide lamps. The lighting improvements significantly reduced energy usage and costs. Exterior lights are dimmable and computer controlled via wireless radio control. More than 1,600 interior fixtures and 145 exterior fixtures, including 91 pole fixtures, were designed for replacement or to supplement lighting for security.

The project received a Merit Award in the ACEC/VT Engineering Excellence Awards program.

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